Aaron was very nice to work with. He did an amazing job answering all of my questions with clear explanations. He explained the difference between Conventional and FHA loans and why the FHA was my best option. My closing was very fast and helped get me moved before my lease was up. It was a very good experience. I am a happy home owner. Thanks to Aaron and his staff. They were all great!
– Angela B.

I can’t thank Aaron enough for all he did for me. I had a relatively complicated situation. Existing mortgages, home improvements, lines of credit… He took all the time necessary to understand my situation. Then he took all the time necessary to explain to ME the situation — no small task. And in the end, his advice was to work with my existing lenders because it would save me so much money. That’s right, even after taking so much of his time and expertise, he still kept my best interests at the forefront, not his. So thank you Aaron, I’d recommend you to anyone!!!
– Chad K.

Aaron is an absolutely outstanding loan officer. His response time, level of commitment to service and performance, combined with his knowledge and experience make him a tremendous asset to my clients and myself through out every transaction. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of the services he provides, whether a purchase or refinance.
— Kelly H.

Aaron does a 5 star job when it comes to his level of service and how he works with clients! I would highly recommend him to anyone!
— Noelle N.